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This website will become a webshop for ALL It’s all KyG products, 

including CDs, audiofiles, sheet music, books, e-books and concert tickets.

Copyright Statement

All artwork and content (collages, photographs and text) on this website are by, and the property of V.O.F. KyG Productions, marketed as It's all KyG, and as such are legally protected by Dutch & international copyright laws. 


Under no circumstance may you download, reproduce, publish or distribute elsewhere, in any medium, any of the images for commercial purposes, without proper and prior written permission from KyG Productions. 


Unauthorized duplication or usage for commercial purposes is prohibited by Copyright law and will be prosecuted. 


V.O.F. KyG Productions retains all of the copyrights to all artwork and photographs on this site, regardless of whether or not the image is licensed for use by specific vendors that KyG Productions has an agreement with. 


Should you wish to use an image for commercial purposes please contact the company’s managing director. Thank you.

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